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At UX Cinemas, we believe in practical, useful solutions, aimed at helping you provide the best experience for your clients. With proven success in more than 4,000 screens since 2007, our mobile application provides you with the tools you need to grow your business.

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About us

We are experts in developing digital
solutions for the cinema exhibition industry

We believe in a world where technology's role is to provide solutions to the complex, unpleasant and bothersome things in life. We specialize in creating digital solutions, from personalized applications for mobile to digital kiosks. Our services and products integrate social, mobile & web for commercial use in the cinema industry.

Our clients vary from the largest movie theatre chain in Latin America, to small and mid-sized chains in the United States. Let us know how we can help you change the way you do business.

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UX Cinema Solutions

UX Cinema Solutions

UX Cinemas offers a variety of solutions that will help take your cinema to the next level of sales and services.

Vista Ready & Optimized Application

The UX Cinema App integrates with Vista’s©* ticketing, loyalty and data services. Our solutions take into account your brand's needs, offering you a personalized look and feel.

*For more information on Vista Entertainment Solutions, please visit their website at:

The UX Cinema App is:

  • Universal.
  • Practical.
  • Adapts to your specific needs.
  • Runs seamlessly with Vista.

Our API communicates directly with Vista's backend, offering a more secure interface with Vista's web services & software.

The UX Cinemas App also has added benefits of being a more cost effective solution to current native or third party applications, as well as the only multi-lingual application on the market, allowing you to streamline your need for multiple vendors.

Satisfy Your Customers, Increase Your Revenue

The Cinema User Experience Application is designed to help you increase your revenue by driving more customers to your theatre.

The UX Cinema App can:

  • Increase concession sales through targeted promotions.
  • Increase in house experience.
  • Add revenue through targeted promotions aimed at providing local advertising.
  • Help build customer loyalty.
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THE 360º experience:
UX Cinemas Solutions

With over twenty years’ experience working with cinema operators, UX Cinemas integrates various digital services aimed at providing the best results for your business. From Web, to mobile applications, social tickets, digital billboards, TV and Kiosks, your customers can use our web and Smart TV platforms to search for and purchase tickets.

  • Web


  • Mobile Aplications


  • Social tickets


  • Digital billboards


  • Kiosks


  • Smart TV platform

    Smart TV

Big Data Management, Marketing and CRM

The more you know about the people who come to your theater, the more you can provide customized content. Whether they buy a ticket through your application, on-line or in-house, by using UX Cinemas, you can track what they like, when they like it and be relevant in your offerings.

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Success stories

Some of the most important cinema chains in the world have trusted UX Cinemas to provide them with digital solutions. Find out more about how our solutions worked for them and how they can work for you.

UX Cinemas Santikos
UX Cinemas
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UX Cinemas is the platform that innovates in the digital experience of going to the movies.

  • Make a list of the movies you want to see, find out if your friends have seen them or just purchase your tickets and products.

  • Create an event and share the invitation with your friends.

  • Rate the movie, write a review and tell the world about your complete experience.

  • Link your favorites to your account, as well as your tickets, your purchases, or your customer loyalty card.

  • Santikos
  • Santikos
  • Santikos

In 2013, the Texan movie chain, Santikos began using UX Cinemas digital kiosks in their Houston theatres. Since then, 28 kiosks have helped Santikos increase their sales, reduce line time and operational costs.

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